Siomay Bandung di Pontianak: A Delicious Street Food Experience

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Siomay Bandung is a popular street food that originated from Bandung, West Java. This dish has gained popularity not only in Indonesia but also in neighboring countries such as Malaysia and Singapore. Siomay is a steamed fish dumpling served with peanut sauce, sweet soy sauce, and chili sauce. It is a perfect snack to enjoy in the hot and humid weather of Pontianak, a city in West Kalimantan, Indonesia.

History of Siomay Bandung

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The origin of Siomay Bandung can be traced back to the Chinese influence in Indonesia. The dish was originally made with pork, but the Muslim population in Indonesia replaced it with fish. The recipe was further modified by the Sundanese people in West Java, adding peanuts and sweet soy sauce to the dish. The name “siomay” is derived from the Chinese word “siu mai,” which means steamed dumplings.

Ingredients for Siomay Bandung

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The main ingredient for Siomay Bandung is fish, usually mackerel or shark. The fish is mixed with tapioca flour, garlic, salt, pepper, and egg. The mixture is then shaped into a ball and steamed until cooked. The peanut sauce is made with peanuts, garlic, and chili, while the sweet soy sauce is made with palm sugar, soy sauce, and water.

How Siomay Bandung is Served

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Siomay Bandung is usually served with steamed cabbage, tofu, and boiled eggs. The dish is garnished with fried shallots and served with peanut sauce, sweet soy sauce, and chili sauce. The steamed fish dumpling is cut into bite-sized pieces and served on a plate. It is a perfect street food to enjoy on the go.

Where to Find Siomay Bandung in Pontianak

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Siomay Bandung can be found in almost every street corner of Pontianak. One of the famous street food vendors is located on Jalan Tanjung Pura, near the Kapuas River. Another popular vendor is located on Jalan Sutoyo, near the Gajah Mada University. The price for a plate of Siomay Bandung ranges from IDR 10,000 to IDR 20,000.

Why Siomay Bandung is Popular in Pontianak

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Pontianak is known for its hot and humid weather, making it a perfect place to enjoy Siomay Bandung. The dish is light and refreshing, and the peanut sauce adds a spicy and savory flavor to the dish. Siomay Bandung is also affordable, making it a popular street food among students and locals.

The Best Time to Enjoy Siomay Bandung in Pontianak

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The best time to enjoy Siomay Bandung in Pontianak is during the afternoon or early evening. The vendors usually start selling Siomay Bandung from 3 PM until late at night. The dish is perfect to enjoy as a snack or as a light meal.


Siomay Bandung is a delicious street food that is worth trying when visiting Pontianak. The dish has a unique flavor and is a perfect snack to enjoy in the hot weather of Pontianak. The vendors selling Siomay Bandung can be found in almost every street corner and are affordable, making it accessible to everyone.

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