Bumbu Siomay Biasa: The Secret Recipe for Delicious Indonesian Siomay

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Indonesian cuisine is known for its rich blend of spices and flavors that create unique dishes. One such dish is Siomay, a steamed dumpling filled with vegetables and meat. What sets Siomay apart from other dumplings is the bumbu, or spice mix, used to season the filling. In this article, we will explore the recipe for bumbu siomay biasa, the traditional spice mix used in Indonesian Siomay.

The Ingredients

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The first step in making bumbu siomay biasa is to gather all the necessary ingredients. The base of the spice mix is made up of garlic, shallots, and chili peppers. Other ingredients include palm sugar, salt, and vinegar. The final touch is the addition of ground peanuts, which add both texture and flavor to the bumbu.

The Preparation

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Once you have all the ingredients, it’s time to prepare the bumbu. Start by peeling and chopping the garlic and shallots. Next, deseed and chop the chili peppers. You can adjust the number of peppers used to your desired level of spiciness. Heat a pan over medium heat and add the chopped garlic, shallots, and chili peppers. Stir until fragrant and then add palm sugar, salt, and vinegar. Cook until the sugar has dissolved and the mixture has thickened slightly. Finally, add the ground peanuts and stir until well combined.

Using Bumbu Siomay Biasa

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Bumbu siomay biasa is traditionally used to season the filling of Indonesian Siomay. To make siomay, combine ground meat with finely chopped vegetables such as cabbage, carrot, and bamboo shoots. Add the bumbu to the mixture and mix well. Divide the mixture into equal portions and wrap each portion in a piece of wonton wrapper. Steam the siomay for 10-15 minutes or until cooked through. Serve with a side of peanut sauce and sweet soy sauce for dipping.


Bumbu siomay biasa is the key to making delicious Indonesian Siomay. With its perfect blend of spices and flavors, it elevates the humble dumpling into a savory and satisfying meal. Try making it at home and experience the taste of Indonesia in your own kitchen!

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